PhD. Student
  • Shangbin Liu(柳尚斌)

Msc. student
  • Chuanxi Su(宿传玺)
  • Ming Cheng(程铭)
  • Qilong Wu(吴启龙)
  • Jun Zhang(张军)
  • Yangyang Li(李阳阳)
  • Yanpeng Lei(雷彦鹏)

  • Ran Wang (王然) graduated with BS degree in 2015. He started to do his thesis with me from October 2014. His thesis title is '1D forward Model Analysis of Loop Transient Electromagnetic Fields' (written in English with some Chinese notes) using the EMMA software from Aarhus University. He showed a contribution of how to use EMMA in Chinese. He joined University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada area for further study in 2015.
  • Shirui Wang(王世睿) graduated with Master degree in 2016. He finished his master thesis with me focusing on the numerical and physical modeling of surface - borehole TEM configuration in tunnelling environment. He joined Transmission and Distribution Company in Jiangsu Province after graduation.
  • Kai Li(李凯) graduated with Master degree in June 2017. He finished his master thesis with me focusing on the numerical simulation the field work of a specifical configuration of TEM with galvanic source on the ground and receivers underground. The work is designed especially for some detection work in mining environment. He received the national scholoship for graduate students. He also received the travel funding from the EMIW during 2016 to join in the workshop in Chiang Mai, Tailand. He joined Tianjin University for his Ph.D. study after graduation.